Always amused

The world interests me, draws me into the issues.  Sometimes I don’t fit into a neat mold, or inside the box … I seek … I’m curious … I want to know more …

My life is full – sometimes it is brimming over – sometimes I just try to fly below the radar. Sometimes my tendency to raise my hand and volunteer does me in, and I need to pull back and re-commit to what’s most important.

You know the analogy of the jar, the stones and the sand: the stones (the important things) go in the jar first. My stones are my son and my work.  My parenting job right now is to keep fine-tuning the skills that will give my son the tools he needs to contribute to the world as an adult. We have a great time together and I have acquired new interests just seeing them through his eyes.   My work is just that – I’m fortunate to enjoy my day-job and it also pays the bills.

The “sand” is also a lot of fun: walking my dog,  3-4 miles each day keeps her happy, reading, gardening, movies, art museums, theatre, opera, symphony, traveling, bike riding, hiking, tent-camping, anything around the water, cooking, entertaining friends, enjoying good wine. I like farmers markets, supporting “local”, and keeping it fresh.



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